wi-tegrity's Services:

Network Consultation:

Whether you are installing a network for the first time or upgrading your network, wi-tegrity can help. For an existing network we can find ways to improve security and performance. We can review plans for expanded networks and recommend improvements for both performance and security.

If you are installing your first network, wi-tegrity will work as your technical advisor to be certain the network you are planning is right for your present and future business needs. In addition to security and performance issues, we will make certain that your network can be easily expanded when you need it.

Inside Vulnerability Audits:

Using surveillance systems placed on your network to audit your systems, wi-tegrity will review your installed infrastructure in search of potential problems, such as overworked equipment, unauthorized computers and out-of-date network equipment. You will be provided with a complete report that will enable you to work with your network hardware and server vendors to improve and upgrade any systems. It may just give you the peace of mind knowing your network is performing well and not draining productivity.

Wireless Network Tests:

Your office may have security issues with wireless networks ­ and you didn't even know there were wireless connections in your office. With handheld scanners and specialized laptop computers, wi-tegrity will scan your offices, building or campus to see how your wireless network is functioning. We will also search for potential security problems from unauthorized wireless devices or from open wireless connections on employees' laptop computers.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS):

How do you know if someone is trying to harm your network from the outside? How do you know if someone on the inside is doing something that could cause problems for the network? Setting up an IDS on your network can provide records of such activity. In the case of a serious problem, you can be paged by the IDS directly and take action. As a service, you may also have wi-tegrity notified, and we will respond according to a previously agreed upon protocol.

Firewall Services:

Every network should be protected by a firewall; in some cases more than one firewall. But it's not enough to install a firewall and then forget it; firewalls, like your computers, need regular attention. The records that are kept should be reviewed on a regular basis. Of course, your firewall software needs to be updated to protect against the latest threats. wi-tegrity can handle the most popular firewalls - and some you may never knew existed.

Penetration Testing:

Penetration testing is often a sensitive issue in any organization. After spending a lot of money to install and secure your network it may seem strange to hire someone to try to break into your network; however a penetration test is the best way to see if your new technology is working as it should.

Disaster Recovery Planning:

wi-tegrity will work with you or your data recovery committee to help plan how your network can be brought back on line after a local or regional disaster. We will investigate and plan for major network failures and work with your vendors to make sure your business can continue in the event of power failures, equipment replacement and other issues that no one wants to think about, but must be anticipated.

Other Services:

ISP monitoring - to make certain your external data connections are you not causing bottlenecks in your network usage.
Monthly usage statistics of your network - the best way to determine if you have enough bandwidth for your needs ­ or if you are paying for too much.
Off-line logging of your network activity - this can be useful in performing forensic analysis of problems or possible illegal activity involving your network.


Constant threats to company data are an unfortunate consequence of the
ease and speed of Internet communication.
Robert Cote, wi-tegrity

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