This page contains news and updates about viruses, worms and other issues that will affect your network as well some tips to for your network. There might even be some controversial topics.

May 28, 2004 - Symantec is reporting the discovery of the first known threat to Windows 64 bit operating system. The virus has been labeled W64.Rugrat.3344. Not to panic, according to a story on the CNET web site this virus was created to demonstrate the vulnerability. It does not exist in the wild.

If you can forgive a bit of editorializing; there is a sure way to avoid WIndows virus - try an Apple with OSX. Unfortunately, most large enterprises have an irrational fear of introducing anything other than Microsoft sanctioned products. I won't even discuss the Linux alternatives - at this time.

May 27, 2004 - Have you ever considered the benefits of a heterogeneous network infrastructure? You may already have proven that Linux and Windows systems can work together seemlessly in your environment but have you considered the possibility of the two systems backing up each other. For example, if you have your primary DNS server on a Windows platform there is no reason not to have the secondary server run on a Linux or Unix platform. Any viruses or worms that may infect the primary system will not be able to harm the secondary system. In the rare event of a problem with the Linux server, the Windows system may still operate normally.

Microsoft warned of a security problem on April 13. This problem related to the remote execution of code. The W32/Bobax-A worm has been found to take advantage of this issue. Microsoft's bulletin advises users on what to do. Follow the instructions carefully for your system. Sophos has a good description of this worm's capabilities.

May 25 2004 - Variants of the Sober_G worm continue to annoy email administrators around the globe. Another worm, W32.Korgo.B has been identified. Symantec has more information on this topic. As always, the best advice is to keep your desktop systems, servers, firewalls and any other network appliance up to date with the latest patches and software revisions.

Phishing has become an effective tool for identity theft. Phishing is considered by security experts to be a form of social engineering. This is when a seemingly legitimate person asks for information regarding your ID, account number or passwords.

Thousands of people are reporting email that looks like it has come from eBay or a major national bank. The message will contain a link to a web site that looks official but is actually being run by people trying to gather passwords and account numbers. In theory, these sites could then redirect you to the legitimate site so you are none the wiser.

The next thing to look for? Watch for email that seems to come from Human Resources or your network engineering department claiming they need to update your information. You may be giving away company secrets.

May 24 2004 - columnist Lou Dolinar  talks about a product called Bart. Bart is billed as providing protection against crashes in Windows XP.

May 23 2004 - Everyone has their favorite site for technical information, gossip and sometimes truly useful hints. At wi-tegrity our favorite is SlashDot. Slashdot is sort of a tabloid for techies. Often the first to report problems and bugs with computers as well as the latest gossip about Star Trek related topics. Be warned, many members of Slashdot are not big fans of Microsoft.

May 21 2004 - wi-tegrity finally has a decent looking web site. The designers at Katmandu Studio took the time to develop an attractive interface and a flexible design that will allow for the expansion of the services on this site.

May 18 2004 - Software manufacturer Computer Associates has announced a service where free email alerts about viruses and vulnerabilities. Other groups such as CERT also offer such services. There is nothing wrong with getting updates from both sources. Be sure to check with the manufacturer of all your servers, desktops and appliances on a regular basis for updates

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