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At no time in history has it been easier to gather and use information for business, scholastic pursuits or personal interest. With the equivalent of millions of books, periodicals, video and audio recordings on-line, we can gather and use information in a manner that, a few years ago, existed in only in science fiction. And it's going to get easier and faster.

A dark side of the ongoing improvements in computers and communication it is easier than ever for unscrupulous people to attack, steal data from and damage systems on your business or home networks.

With the exception of employee safety, a business owner has no greater responsibility than to protect company information from internal and external threats. Loss of information or information falling into the wrong hands can ruin any business. Lacking the technology assets of large companies, small and medium size businesses are especially vulnerable to attack.

The solution is wi-tegrity. At wi-tegrity we offer to small and medium size businesses a variety of network monitoring and security services that, until recently, were available only to big companies with large technical teams.

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